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Ampilatwatja, located 320km north-east of Alice Springs in Central Australia, is a "Prescribed Community" under the NT Intervention and home for less than 1000 Alyawarr Aboriginal people. Many in Amplilatwatja consider the Intervention as "an invasion, total disempowerment and revoking hard won land rights". In July 2009, the Alyawarr people of Ampilatwatja walked off from the Prescribed and began to build a new community on their homeland with the support of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Australians. <br />
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During my many walks around the community I noticed that almost all Aboriginal families in the community had a make shift bed in open air.  My queries about the use of these outdoor beds were met with replies in which the words 'stars, sky, trees, breeze' echoed again and again.  I could not help but marvel at the fact that while I went in side the house at sunset to sleep, the Alyawarr people actually came out of the house to sleep under the night sky.  I continued to talk to them in a bid to understand the dimensions of their deep rooted relationship with the nature. This photo series, 'Stars, Sky, Trees, Breeze', in my mind is a reflection of the conflict between colonizer-imposed confines of a house and fences on one hand and on the other, the unbreakable bond of the aboriginal people with the land and nature in their traditional way of life.